Paul N. Faure, B. Engineering

51 Woodhill Cres., Ottawa, Ontario, K1B 3B7

Cell./Office 613-808-5929

Indeterminate CS-04 – Secret Clearance – Language Profile SLE: CBB



To expand my knowledge for the effective stewardship of government resources in the pursuit of Digital while leveraging my existing technical, project management, operational, and client relationship experience.



·       Significant and recent experience in IM/IT over the last 20 years while working at the Treasury Board Secretariat, Shared Services Canada and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada;

·       IT Planning Lead for the GC to prioritize investments for Shared Services Canada leveraging the Deputy Ministers Committee for Enterprise Planning and Prioritization;

·       Engagement to a community of 2000 employees across the GC as stakeholders in the IT Planning process and activities;

·       Extensive knowledge of the Policy on Service and Digital and further knowledge of the Policy on the Planning and Management of Investments and the Policy on Government Security;

·       Took a lead role in the development of the IM/IT Science Strategy (co-author) and 5-year action plan for the Information System Branch (ISB) and the Science Technology Branch (STB) which included cloud, AI and alternative delivery methods;

·       Took a lead role in pushing cloud, analytics and big-data at AAFC;

·       Setup the operational plans, processes and infrastructure for the Collaboration Technical Services team supporting SharePoint 2010 at AAFC;

·       Hard worker and always willing to learn and improve;

·       CIOC Community Award “Excellence in Community Development” 2017; and

·       Gold Harvest Award 2019 and 2008 AAFC.



2019-Present       TBS, Ottawa, Ontario

GC IT Planning Lead & GC Integrated Planning Lead May 2019 to Present


Stewardship over the DM CEPP prioritization decision framework including the coordination, communication and oversight of the GC IT Planning cycle. The prioritized list of IT investments was used to rank all departmental demand on the services provided by SSC. Tasks included:

·       Drafting briefing notes,

·       Creating ADM CEPP (now ADM SEP) and DM CEPP presentations,

·       Drafting GC wide DM Call letters sent to 95+ departments by the GC CIO,

·       Developing material and co-presenting at the EPM InfoSessions to over 250 GC resources,

·       Communicating to over 2000 IT Planning Stakeholder through the collaborative GCcollab community, and

Reviewed Treasury Board Submissions (TB Subs) on behalf of the GC CTO.

Responded to DM and ADM level taskings with regards to IT Planning, Application Portfolio Management and IT Expenditures.

Business Owner of the IT Planning program for the Enterprise Program Management (EPM) project.


·       Developed the first Departmental Plan for Service and Digital (DPSD) for departments to comply with the newly released Policy on Service and Digital requiring an integrated plan for service and digital.

·       Contributed to the overarching TBS Guidance on Service and Digital.

·       Developed the model to align the GC IT Service Standards with the IT Plans to provide a comprehensive report on SSC service actuals, SSC service demand, and departmental Standards compliance.

·       Contributed to the release of the 2021 Digital Operations Strategic Plan (DOSP).

·       Coordinating the integration of the IT Planning investments with the Office of the Comptroller General (OCG) annual investment planning update.

·       Developed the DM level APM dashboards in Power BI for SSC to have informed conversations between the SSC President and his departmental counterparts on application health and its impacts on SSC delivery.

2018-2019           SSC, Ottawa, Ontario

Senior Advisor, Client Executive, DND and VAC – Oct 2018-May 2019


Created integrated reports from siloed data that drove key business decisions, action and strategic advice to the DG Client Executive DND & VAC.

Developed an Action Plan to continuously evolve the relationship between DND and SSC.

Developed client focused metrics-based reports.


2005-2018           AAFC, Ottawa, Ontario

Manager Science Solutions Dec 2015-Sep 2018


Managed a team of 10+ employees and contractors whose responsibilities covered supporting applications, tools and services for the Science and Technology Branch (STB) as well as the Market and Industry Services Branch (MISB). Tasks included:

·       Creating financial and portfolio plans for each fiscal year including budgets and forecasting activities for ~$1.5M annually;

·       Managing a portfolio of clients ensuring a strong commitment to communications and client focus;

·       Creating performance targets and tracking progress throughout the year for full time employees;

·       Extensive Business Process Modeling for the improvement of ISB support of STB.

·       Evangelist for Cloud and Digital;

·       Program managed the Science Management Solution (SMS) Program which provided functionality to manage a scientific proposal/project from end-to-end. This includes intake, prioritization, cost reporting and tracking (actuals vs. plans), project oversight, project tracking, and scientific publication functionality. The SMS program was a multi-year, multi-million-dollar initiative to oversee all research-based science proposals/projects at AAFC.

·       Ensuring all appropriate Business Continuity Plans (BCP) where complete and up to date;

·       Presenting at various governance bodies to ensure appropriate authorities were sought for the teams projects;

·       Creating and managing procurement vehicles for contractor staffing; and

·       Performing various staffing actions for indeterminate, term and coop positions.

My responsibilities included a weekly bi-lateral meeting with all PMs where I discussed priorities, assessed performance and reviewed tasks. In addition, there were weekly bi-lateral meetings with my Director and weekly manager meetings where status updates were provided as appropriate for the deliverables assigned to my team.


·       Gold Harvest Award 2019 AAFC - DM Chris Forbes - for work done on the SMS program

·       Innovation and Collaboration Award 2017 AAFC ISB AKS – Guylaine Montplaisir (January 31 2017) for work done promoting social and collaborative tools in the Department.


·       Co-author of the Long Term IM/IT Science Strategy document with the assistance of resources from ISB and STB;

·       Core member in the DG IM/IT Science Steering Committee (DISSC) providing advice and guidance to DG and Director level participants;

·       Developed the IM/IT Science Action Plan including the creation of 19 projects required for the effective delivery of STB IM/IT needs;

·       Developing a new science based Client Relationship Management team;

·       Managed the Genomics data processing pilot on Cloudera in the cloud;

·       Managed the project for scientific data archiving in the cloud;

·       Managed the Cereal Aphid Management Mobile Application developing on native iOS and Android;

·       Managed the major corporate Knowledge Workspace SharePoint 2010 to 2013 upgrade project;

·       Completed the Management Leadership Development Program (MLDP); and

·       Project Managed the SharePoint 2013 Upgrade with tight timeframes and significant SSC dependencies to upgrade the existing SharePoint environment. Communications, change fatigue and training were key concerns for the project all of which were addressed which resulted in a strong project delivery.


Member of the DG IM/IT Science Steering Committee (DISSC) and the DISSC Advisory Board.

Member of the AAFC Cloud working group.

Reviewed all 2017-18 Q1 STB OPF requests and provided input/guidance to the Branch prior to submission to ISB intake.

Participated in the SharePoint GCdocs Cluster Working Group (SGCWG) from 2015-2016.


                             AAFC, Ottawa, Ontario

Team Lead Collaboration Technical ServicesMay 2013-Dec 2015


Managed and led a team of 10+ employees and contractors whose responsibilities included SharePoint 2010 operational support and enhancements.

·       Architecting, designing, configuring and deploying a SharePoint 2010 solution;

·       Performing regular build releases to satisfy client or business requirements as outlined by the client engagement team;

·       Updating site templates for Communities of Practice and Governance sites; and

·       Supported SharePoint in an operational environment including handling client issues, building a Knowledge Base and documenting operational procedures.

My responsibilities included a weekly team meeting where I coordinated regular release schedules of the enterprise deployment of SharePoint 2010 over a 3 year period. In addition, I led the team which maintained and supported the SharePoint environment for the Department.


·       As a project manager, coordinating the release or 22 major builds of SharePoint 2010 into a Development, Test and Production environments;

·       Wrote the SharePoint service delivery model identifying all the services our team offers covering everything from standard CoP sites to fully customized SharePoint applications.

·       Architecture Review Committee (ARC) approval, procurement, design and implementation of 3rd party tools for HiSoftware AFM, Copy/Move, Bamboo KB and Event Registration; and

·       Negotiated and wrote the MOU and SLA between CFIA and AAFC in support of a hosted SharePoint solution;


Participated in the Blueprint 2020 working group.

Led the diversity and inclusiveness in the workforce workshop for our Division.


Technical Lead (PM) Knowledge Workspace - Collaboration RolloutNov 2011-May 2013


Managed and led a team of 9 employees and contractors whose responsibilities included:

·       Architecting, designing, configuring and deploying a SharePoint 2010 solution;

·       Performing regular build releases to satisfy client or business requirements as outlined by the client engagement team;

·       Creating site templates for Communities of Practice, Governance and Project sites; and

·       Supported SharePoint in an operational environment including handling client issues, building a Knowledge Base and documenting operational procedures.

My responsibilities included as a project manager to manage all activities associated the 6 contractors including TBIPS creation, creating statements of work, hiring and reviewing work performed. With a weekly team meeting I coordinated regular release schedules of the enterprise deployment of SharePoint 2010 over an 18 month period. I created authority requests (ARs) for procurement of equipment and software, project documentation (e.g. change requests, threat risk assessment (TRA) and system frameworks), operational support model, and the service desk (SVD) request form.

In compliance with AAFCs Departmental Project Management Framework (DPMF), I created documentation for the Management Oversight Team (MOT), Architecture Review Committee (ARC) and Change Control Committee (CCC).

Provided guidance, support, training and advice to the Client Engagement (CE) and IM/RM teams working on the SharePoint implementation including demos, demo sites, presentations and walkthroughs all in an effort to build the SharePoint foundation (site templates and Business Information Architecture (BIA)).


·       Released 4 major builds of SharePoint 2010 into a Development, Test and Production environments;

·       ARC approval, procurement, design and implementation of a bilingual interface for SharePoint;

·       ARC approval, design and implementation of Architecture Release 4 for SharePoint; and

·       ARC approval, design and implementation of a Protected A and Protected B solution for SharePoint 2010.


Participated in the Identity Management (IdM) working group meetings and provided input on the IdM recommendations and strategy document.

Coordinated and scheduled SharePoint and Lync training for around 30 resources.


Team Lead Web Tools – Dec 2009-Nov 2011


Led a team of 6 to 7 employees whose responsibilities included:

·       K-space Collaboration (SharePoint 2010) and K-space Search (SharePoint 2010 standard search and Autonomy IDOL) support;

·       CFIA mailing list used for the CFIA Food Recalls with 24x7 support;

·       Statistical reporting for websites (NetInsight);

·       Web 2.0 Collaboration using Oracles OCS suite (AgriForum), AAFCs primary Wiki (AgriWiki);

·       Domain name registration for non sites;

·       Web search for Internet and Intranet (Verity K2 and Autonomy IDOL); and

·       eDiscovery search for litigation and eCleanup (Autonomy IDOL.)

My responsibilities included creating statements of work, job posters, performing interviews and hiring employees, contractors and coop students. I was also tasked with creating many authority requests (ARs) for procurement of equipment and software.

As an IWS team lead, I attended all and led some team leaders meetings providing updates to the division.


·       Based on requirements gathering, assessed the departments future Web 2.0 collaboration environment as SharePoint 2010 and got procurement approval in the spring 2011 (PFO, EMT and ARC presentations);

·       I got approval through EMT and ARC to procure and install the Rational Policy Tester application in order to perform automated CLF audits; and

·       I completed a WebTools TBIPS (2+ years, $2+ million) assessment for 8 resources to help with all aspects of our search environment. This TBIS will be used for eDiscovery, Web search, and Service Excellence.


                             Participate in the K-space program meetings:

·       Provided input on outcomes map, project charter, project plan, project schedule, resource responsibilities, and performed options analysis;

·       Represented both the Collaboration and Search workstreams; and

·       Attend the K-space Architecture working group and K-space technical working group meetings.

Acted as the Chief of Enabling Tools and Information Services for 5 months:

·       Provided briefings to IWS Director and other Chiefs at the managers meetings;

·       Maintained the ETIS budget tracking document for 4 WBSE codes; and

·       Collected and managed search and statistical requirements for new projects (Green AgriSource, DirectInfo, RPT training and NetInsight training.)

Acted as the Sr. Project Manager for Web 2.0 for 1 month:

·       Project managed the DMs’ Blog with responsibilities which include:

o  Created a PFO / EMT deck and charter for the project;

o  Hired a resource to perform the work; and

o  Gathered requirements and created a schedule.

·       Coordinated the DirectInfo interim replacement project which included an ARC presentation.

Participated in the Web 2.0 technical working group at AAFC:

·       Combined requirements from research branch, CFIA, pathfinder projects and existing application (AgriForum) into one single document;

·       Provided an options analysis document based on all requirements grouped into various categories to assess 6 potential solutions; and

·       Briefed the IMS DG on our best course of action to fix DirectInfo and bring in our overall Web 2.0 solution.

I also participated in the IT Security Incident Response working group attending meetings and providing input on our direction and responsibilities.

I also participated in the Gov of Canada Web 2.0 Architecture group creating a unified Web 2.0 approach for all departments.


Team Lead Verification – Jul 2009-Dec 2009


My responsibilities were to led a team of 4 to 5 employees to perform quality assurance checks for all sites and Common Look and Feel audits of Internet sites.

I was the CLF Center Of Expertise (COE) representing AAFC at Treasury Board meetings on all things CLF related.


·       Organized and coordinated the first treasury board mandated CLF 2.0 special assessment where we achieved the 3rd most accurate result amongst all departments and agencies.


Security Administrator – Jan 2009-Jul 2009


Responsibilities are to design and implement an HTTP load balancer solution for the new AgriStability application. The solution included F5 load balancers fronting a redundant OAS application tier running on Linux. The solution involved plenty of network design, testing, and engineering.


Systems administrator – 2005-Jan 2009


My responsibilities in this role included installation, maintenance and support of over 60 web/application servers. Clients and business would contact WebServices either through AgriHelp (Assyst) or directly via the WebServices email to request new services or to report problems with currently installed services. As a WebServices team member, I handle the IM/IT project requests by analyzing requirements, identifying a solution, and implementing it. An example would be a new website for a scientist to display his or her results, or a new program such as Grants and Contributions. I am in charge of the front end tier (web or presentation layer) and the application tier (app layer). Since 50% of my work is done in a high security area called the DMZ (or PAZ) zone which is accessible by the outside Internet, extra care is required in implementing solutions in that zone.


·       Gold Harvest Award 2008 AAFC - DM Yaprak Baltacioglu - for work done on the DPS system

·       Certificate of Appreciation from AAFC - Rita Moritz CIO and Ray Blewett Director General IST (Dec 8 2006) for work done on the GCDS system


·       Over and above my regular work, I developed a WebServices wiki (online documentation software solution used by the entire team to track all aspects of our environment) with a database backend to document all of our inventory with links between all apps, instances, operating systems, and hardware.

o   With our growing environment, old style wiki's and documents would be outdated within days of their inception because a single change would need to be made in multiple files

o   Planned and developed an entire system to track and document all aspects of our environment in one central easy to use online location

o   Reports, information and documents can be easily pulled dynamically from a central repository within seconds and the information is always up to date as it only needs to be changed in one location:

§  A single search for an application name will reveal all hardware, software, operating systems, IPs, data sources, account details and dependencies

§  Information such as domain names, disk space, memory usage and server usage is updated automatically

§  Server backup details are stored and reports can be quickly generated

§  Instrumental in planning for the data center move to Skyline

§  Quickly identifies all applications and websites when CCC publishes a change which will affect our environment.

·       Wrote WebServices team operations guide:

o   Basic guide was very generic and missing 90% of our operations

o   Re-wrote the document to include all our practices and operations

·       Implemented the ESAS / My Account / Secure Channel in production at AAFC:

o   Environment had special security requirements never done before (with protected B data)

o   Setup manual ad-hoc network routes and rules

o   Application is running well in the required MITS security zones and public works can now interface with AAFC and its ESAS enabled applications.

·       Considerable experience in computer forensic work to determine the cause and the solution to outages and issues:

o   Report came in from IT Security about website defacing

o   Parsed over the logs, URLs and website code to find numerous security vulnerabilities – notified client and implemented a solution to block attacks

o   Website displays proper content. Business no longer has to worry about this type of attack.

·       Integrated Samba with Active Directory (Kerberos-LDAP):

o   Large increase of manual account administration in WebServices spanning multiple servers

o   Compiled and configured samba to include a winbind authentication agent to authenticate via AD

o   Increased productivity and ease of server administration. This saves hours of time when dealing with minor administrative activities.

·       Maintained/wrote a diagram of 60 servers, including all of the services, ports, IPs, security zones, racks, and installed applications:

o   A need to see the “whole picture” arose as our environment grew

o   Wrote up a single diagram depicting all servers, instances and links between them in order to quickly find applications in our complex environment

o   Time taken to sort out our complex environment decreased substantially from hours to minutes as all of the information is in one graphical location. The diagram is also passed around to upper management to help plan for future work.

·       Wrote a proposal for load balancing at AAFC and implemented the Cisco CSS 11503 content switches:

o   Had 5 Cisco Content switches which were not being used

o   Wrote up a proposal based on many weeks of research and testing on an active-active load balanced solution

o   Implemented the first phase of the solution which now fronts our major external applications. Clients will get more uptime, and external services will be able to scale more efficiently.

·       Made modifications to the latest version of the Linux Hardening document for AAFC-AAC:

o   AAFC Linux hardening documentation was outdated and missing commonly accepted security practices

o   Updated the documentation to include WebServices practices and implemented some security practices from the document in our environment

o   AAFC DMZ application are more secure


AAFC, Ottawa, Ontario

Project Coordinator – 2006-2008


·       Wrote delivery impact assessments for incoming projects which were handled by IST:

o   Project charter delivered to the Project Front Office looking for project approval

o   Read and analysed all project documentation seeking how it will integrate and impact our current environment

o   Work teams (leads and chiefs) who were impacted by the project were contacted and their input received regarding workload, resources, finances, complexity, etc.

o   Delivery impact assessment was generated and delivered to IPD for final approval

·       Tracked ongoing projects and assisted in the delivery of said projects:

o   Approved project timeline received

o   Contacted ITO key stakeholders and the client to ensure deadlines were met - Provided a link between the business and ITO

o   Projects run smoothly and on time; client and business are happy


2001-2005           CertainKey Inc., Ottawa, Ontario

Chief Technical Officer


CertainKey is a private company which initially started out as a security software manufacturer. We ranged from our initial 3 employees to 5 during our peak. By 2004 we had switched our focus from software to complete security consulting ranging from security recommendations and audits, to full time contract work. When doing contract work for the federal government, CertainKey was hired by Calian, Ajilon, CGI and Innovapost as subcontractors.


My responsibilities in this company include management of a team of three developers developing all of our CertainKey software projects.

Acted as the lead in all financial responsibilities which included budget planning, tracking professional service contracts, payroll and invoicing.


·       Coordinated development of all CertainKey projects and software

·       Wrote business documents (business plans) to aid in securing seed investment

·       Tracked and managed multiple professional services contracts



·       Management Learning and Development Program, 2015

·       Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering – 4 year program, May 30 2002

Subset of Courses taken relevant to the position

o   Engineering Management (Carleton 2002)

o   System Analysis and Design (Carleton 2001)

o   Engineering Professional Practice (Carleton 2001)

Major Accomplishments

o   1998 President's Scholarship

o   1999 CFIA Student internship scholarship

o   Maintained 2000+ users on 4 Linux systems providing a range of IM/IT services and solution for the Engineering Society (EngSoc)



·       App Servers:

SharePoint (6+ years), Tomcat 4 and 5 (3 years), Oracle App Server (3 year), ColdFusion (3 year)

·       Office Products:

MS Office & O365 (20+ years), Power BI (3 years), Open Office (2 years), MS Access (1 year), VMWare (3 years), MS Project (1 year), Adobe Photoshop (1 year), Adobe Acrobat (1 year)

·       IT Tools:

Clarity PPM (3 years), SharePoint 2010 Designer (2+ years), Big-IP F5 Load Balancer (2+ years), NetInsight (1 year), Autonomy IDOL (6 months), Listserv (6 months), Rational Policy Tester (6 months), MediaWiki (6 months), Wordpress (1 year)

·       OS:

Windows XP/2008/Win7/Win8 (10+ years), Linux (15+ years), Solaris (3 years), HP-UX (3 years), Tru64 (6 months)

·       Programming Languages:

Power Shell (1+ year), C/C++ (8 years), Perl (15+ years), Shell Scripting (15+ years), HTML5 (1+ years), PHP (8+ years), Java (3 years), SQL (3 years), Visual Basic (1 year), Assembly (x86 6 months, Motorola 1 year), Adobe Dreamweaver (1 year), XML (8+ years), CSS (2+ years),

·       Services:

Active Directory (1+ year), DNS(bind), Apache 1.x/2.x, Sendmail/Exim, NFS, NIS, ftp, all for over 15+ years

·       Databases:

MS SQL (1 year), MySQL(3+ years), Postgresql (2 years), Oracle (1 year)

·       Security:

Firewall concepts (3+ years), Crypto implementation (2 years), PKI (2 years), Nessus (1 years), Crypto algorithm knowledge (1 year)

·       Other:

Hardware and Software troubleshooting, Assembly of new systems (5+ years), system architecture (3 years)



To be supplied upon request


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